It all starts with a sink, a new galley.

Originally, the Catalina 30, has a double sink setup, which is suppose to be pretty sweet. I find that the on this boat, and the Hans Christian 48, with double sinks that I’ve washed dishes on, I do not like them.

At home, the sink I use, has a low water faucet with big shallow sinks. I find this is better then the sailboats, even if the sinks there are deeper. The diagonal of the sinks at home is much bigger then that of the ones on the sailboats. You could barely fit a 10 in plate or pan into the sink. Along with a low water faucet, makes for doing dishes a royal pain.

After a long and difficult search, I found a Ruvati RVH7110. This looks like it will work, but the catch is I’ll have to make the counter wider by 2 inches, from the 14 to 16 inches. The location on the Catalina 30 is also not all the useful, I think. So I’ll move it to the center, in front of the companionway ladder. To do that I’ll need to swap where the drawers are, and the locker opening. This will also allow access to the space that was currently just hard to access. I’ll gain even more space by re routing the exhaust hose. Oh whats that, my exhaust hose should be 2″ instead of the 1.5″ that it is, I’ll fix that as well…

Well this is what I’ve gotten done so far. In random order.

Now what is left to be done, is counter tops, I am thinking some kind of solid surface. Also some kind of redesign of the outboard storage for the stuff.


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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