Cabinets almost done.

I’ve been busy at working on the cabinets, I’ve about 45 days before I need the boat to be somewhat more livable then it currently is. The end of November is the end of my lease for the over priced apartment in San Diego. I digress, two post ago I put of the frames pictures. Before that, there was the face for the cabinets. Now there are doors on the cabinets and shelves.

Doing some rough calculations, with two cans, it looks like i can store about 124 normal sized can goods in the aft and middle cabinets.



Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

3 thoughts on “Cabinets almost done.”

  1. By the way, are you planning to paint the front of the cabinets (minus the doors) white? I know you wanted the lighter effect. I think that would look very nice with the doors as contrast.


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