Does the dinghy fit…

When I bought the boat, I had a nice big, Achilles 12’4″ dinghy. That is about half the length of the sailboat. Yikes, need less to say, it did not much fit on the boat. So the best I could do was tow it behind me. Which works alright, but I want to be able to stow it on the boat.

When I did the Baja HA-HA last year, they had a 10′ Zodiac, so when they came back this year. I traded them, 12′ for the 10′. Also went from 8hp Tohatsu, to 5hp Nissan, which is about 30-40lbs lighter, making it easier to man handle about.

So today, with some prompting from the marina, decided to see if this one would fit on the deck, and if I was able to do this by myself.

I also decided to siting on the boom with the sail down. It makes a nice seat.

I still have no clue as to how you would inflate and set this up on deck, though i know i can break it down and get it somewhat rolled up on the deck. Anyone got a video or a how to?


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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