March update

In march, I’ve been settling in more. I’ve got propane hooked up now, built a platform for the V-berth, learned how to make soft shackles, and worked some more on the drawers for the galley. I also got a 2 stroke outboard working again.

I inflated a 1987 Avon Rover 3.10 I have to work on and test the 2 stoke Nissan 8hp (NS8B ) that I picked up from my girlfriends dad. I took apart the carb, super clean, and couldn’t get it to run other then if I started it at WOT, and after many tries. Once running it would only keeping working at WOT, and then die if i tried to lower to idle. Turns out that there was a air leak in the fuel line, since the fuel pump is a vacuum operated, this killed the motor. Some new fuel line later and I’ve got a nicely working outboard. The floor slates in Avon, leave some to be desired, as the transom the dinghy, is a little floppy as the floor boards are not fit in correctly. During my bay test, I could get the dinghy to plane at 15.1knts. I’m also working on cleaning the carb for a 6hp Nissan(NSF6A2) I’ve got. This one will take some more work as there appears to oil from the motor leaking out the prop shaft. Further investigation is required. I’ve setup a 2×3 across the cockpit as the work station for the outboards. Seems to work, provided you can keep the outboard from swinging around as they are in fact top heavy.

While back, I built a holder for two 6lb propane tanks. I’ve only one tank at the moment, but it has proven to work quite well hanging off the stern rail. I ran the line through a new hold in the transom and to the galley.  I still need to add a sniffer and remote solenoid. For now I shut off the tank when not in use.


In the V-berth, there was some sagging or a bad construction or something going on with the “flat” surface that is the V-berth. It kind of slept like a hammock, where near my hips it would sink down and unless you were in the middle, you would be pretend sleeping like you were on a slight heel of a couple degrees. I used some 2×3 and a plywood to create a platform to support the mattress and it not have a slope or a dip. It is flat now, but I’ve lost about 2″ of height in the V-berth. The step into the V-berth is now a must.


I also added some drawers to the galley drawer thing. I’d not hire myself to build someone else drawers if they wanted nice straight and good looking drawers. They work for the intended purpose though, so I consider it a win. I still need to add some kind of face to the drawers and a paint them. To fit this, I moved the ladder over a couple of inches, so it is not longer centered. There is minimum clearance between the ladder and the drawer when slide out.


I’ve started to monitor how many days it takes me to use up water from the 17 gallon water tank. It looks to be about 10 days, but this has only been two fill ups since I started to monitor this. So on average it looks like 1.7 gallons a day, but time will tell how much I am using. I thing my major downfall is in washing the dishes, I use alot there.

Lack of refrigeration is proving to not be as horrible as one would think. Cooking for one with no left overs is the hardest, followed by lack of fresh meat. Canned meat has become the new staple. Veggies, are doing well in the dry storage box, it keeps stuff quite cool in there. I’ve added eggs and spam for breakfast on the weekends. I gave some blocked cheddar a go, I failed at that one, but after doing some research, it would appear that keeping it in olive oil, or wiping with vinegar and wrapping in cheese cloth would be better then putting in a zip lock bag. Though that did work for about a week.  I did find some powdered milk to use for cooking, and I’ve since learned about the single serving UHT milks, that if I can find for cheaper then 10 dollars for a 6 pack, I might get some.

Composting head is still working. I’m finding that the urine is the major source of smell if anything. I’ll have to look into that to figure out how to combat that, but overall this has proven to be less smelly then the old head and holding tank combination.

During this month, I learned out to make soft shackles from the rigging guys at the local west marine.


Does the dinghy fit…

When I bought the boat, I had a nice big, Achilles 12’4″ dinghy. That is about half the length of the sailboat. Yikes, need less to say, it did not much fit on the boat. So the best I could do was tow it behind me. Which works alright, but I want to be able to stow it on the boat.

When I did the Baja HA-HA last year, they had a 10′ Zodiac, so when they came back this year. I traded them, 12′ for the 10′. Also went from 8hp Tohatsu, to 5hp Nissan, which is about 30-40lbs lighter, making it easier to man handle about.

So today, with some prompting from the marina, decided to see if this one would fit on the deck, and if I was able to do this by myself.

I also decided to siting on the boom with the sail down. It makes a nice seat.

I still have no clue as to how you would inflate and set this up on deck, though i know i can break it down and get it somewhat rolled up on the deck. Anyone got a video or a how to?

First overnight anchoring trip

Since the discovery of the failed fitting of the dinghy on the deck of the boat, the girlfriend and I decided to do something a little shorter and closer to home, since we had provisioned for the most part for a trip to Catalina. Mission Bay, has a night 72hour anchorage before the bridges into Mission Bay proper. Mariner’s cove, is a nice sandy body well protected area. The girlfriend worked and missed the trip up, it was pretty uneventful. I got the boat ready and headed out.

10/1/15 at 11:18am is when I started tracking in the navionics app. The recorded data is 25.1NM, average spead of 4.2Kts, while pulling the dinghy, most of this was spend motorsailing out of san Diego bay. I also think the app got confused at some point, as i do not recall a trip in a car anywhere that day, but the Max speed it list is 50.3Kts, so the average speed may be off…

When I arrived, I set anchor and got the dinghy ready to pick the girlfriend up on the beach, and let the dog run around a bit and potty. He is not taking to his fake grass we got him. I also almost lost it on the way out of the Chula Vista Marina.

This was a great little trip, I got to experience cooking on the boat at anchor, cockpit shower with a gallon of water or less, watching other people have a hard time anchoring, got to see armchair pirate, and some other pirate decoy set up on someones mast in mission bay. During one of the dinghy trips I lost the dog over the side of the dinghy, he did good and swam back to the dinghy.

We decided to leave Saturday afternoon, as Sunday it called for rain, and it has been raining today. I had company with my girlfriend on the way back, we tied the dinghy up on a shorter tether on the way back. I’m not sure which one is better. She cooked dinner underway, and we ate out of bowls in the cockpit as the sun was heading out of sight in south bay. I used what I think is the best portable cup holder, a roll of duct tape. We made it home took the inside the kelp bed route, took 20.1NM, average speed 3.4kts, Max speed 7.8Kts. Experienced an overheating engine, so that needs to be looked into. We left at 1400, and arrived 2000.


If you want to call it a dinghy.

When I purchased the boat, it came with lot of random extra stuff. Included was lots of random tools, a box of drill bits, bousuns chair that I needed at one point but did not know that I had one.

Yesterday my girlfriend and I was working on some last minute preparations for getting the boat ready for a trip to Catalina for Buccaneer days. The biggest things we had left was outboard storage, and the storage of the dinghy.

The dinghy that came with the boat is a 2000 Achilles SE-121. 12’2″ Hypalon boat. It is super stable, with the 8hp Tohatsu outboard will get the boat moving around 14 knots in the water with me in while on a plane. Weights in about 140lbs, able to be hoisted onto the sailboat with the main halyard.

The problem with all this is that the boat is just a tad bit to long to fit on the boat of the boat. Seems like a 10ft would be about the max that fits up there. The outboard, weighs about 90lbs, while able to man handled on board in calm waters in the marina, I do not think would be so easy while tied up to a mooring or at anchor.

Towing the dinghy from what I’ve read will cost the boat about a knot, which when I figure the boat avg speed to be about 4.5 knots, doesn’t sound to appealing in towing the dinghy behind me.  I should have tried to grab some pictures of this process, but it didnt seem like a good idea at the time. Oh well.

So with all that said, we (the girlfriend and I) decided to can the trip and do a shorter one to Mission bay this week instead. There is always next year.