Cooking with gas eventually

The girlfriend and I stopped by and found a older force 10 4 burner stove at a consignment shop. It was dirty, but was suppose to be working. So I’ve been working on cleaning this bad boy up and getting the rest of the system. So far, I’ve gotten one 6# tank, (thinking 3 total), hanging from the stern rail, 20 foot tubing, regulator. I’ll need to get a sniffer and a solenoid valve at some point before it goes and installed on the boat.


Thinking with the head.

When the boat was built back in 1976, discharge laws were a bit different then they are now. So the prior owner, installed a tank in the V-berth. It was about 10 gallons, mostly to meet the requirements of the law. It would not last very long for a holding tank, without frequent pump outs.

So it is out of here, but not before some measurements were taken.

Most of this idea has been due to the excellent write that can be found Dry head on Raindog.

Next up was remove the old head and tank.

Then on to mock ups.

The blue head part is a Ecovita Privy Kit, it will divert the pee. It is the magic behind all of this.

Now on the the building of it out of the mock up pieces.

I’ll need to come up with something to fill in the old access for the below the sink area, I’ll add a new storage bin behind the head with a little drop down door. I’m going to remove the sink in the head, as well the other one is about 7-8 feet from this one and it is a bit silly to me to have the pluming and the sink in the head. KISS method at hand here.

It also needs some paint, and some trim to be all finished. But here soon i should have it installed and give it a go.