Galley work

Today, I got the counter top cut. I’m still deciding on what will be the best course of action as to what to make the counter top out of, but I’ve a pattern if i go with some kind of composite, or I’ve got the base for Formica or paint. I’m thinking next will be to do the cutout for the sink and dry stores. The router made quite the mess inside the boat.


Yesterday, I finished up shorting the slider and adding the teak to the pot/pan storage and above the slider cabinet. Not the best of work, but it will do.


Also go the shelf and the cabinet face mounted for the stbd cabinet. It is not straight, as the door has a slant when opened, but that is due to how the lip under the liner interferes with the face of the cabinet.



Cabinets almost done.

I’ve been busy at working on the cabinets, I’ve about 45 days before I need the boat to be somewhat more livable then it currently is. The end of November is the end of my lease for the over priced apartment in San Diego. I digress, two post ago I put of the frames pictures. Before that, there was the face for the cabinets. Now there are doors on the cabinets and shelves.

Doing some rough calculations, with two cans, it looks like i can store about 124 normal sized can goods in the aft and middle cabinets.


Pictures of the Awning

About a week or two ago, I sewed up the awning for the sailboat to try and beat the heat. It works up till about 2pm with the stern of the boat in the back of the slip, then the sun is to low in the sky and just goes under the shade. The Velcro part needs to have more velcro, or some other way to keep the flap on the velcro, as the thin strip comes undone easily.

Here are some pictures of it.


On Sunday, heading to Orange county to drop my girlfriend off to head back to Catalina, we went to Minney’s. I was looking for some turnbuckles, to see what the prices where for some used ones. I found some, they are all much cheaper. Trying to find some that were close to matching and were 1/2″ turnbuckles, turned out to be much harder. The need for the 1/2″ which is way larger then the standard ones used on a Catalina 30, is to allow for a thimble to go in the jaw for use with the synthetic rigging that I’m planning on going with.

I did kind of succeed though, I found 7 half 1/2″ turnbuckles (that kind of hard to say). I got the bodies, the left hand threaded T-bolts, the toggles, 3 1/2 clevis pins, and two 1/2″ other toggles (for fixed jaw type). They were in the $3 dollar per pound junk pile.

The are best I can tell Merriman turnbuckle, based on the logo on the toggles. The are or were chromed bronze bodies, with Stainless steel bits.

Three were gunked up with some corrosion, so I hit them up with some PB blaster, and then got them opened after letting them sit over night. I’ve cleaned up the threads with a wire wheel, and made the shiny bits a bit more shiny.


Frames for the cabinet doors

Working with the cabinet some more today, mostly the frames. In doing this, I bought the kreg pocket screw setup. It mostly worked, I had to do some trail and error, that I thought I had worked out on the scrape pieces, but ended up messing up 3 of the pieces. I had to make some adjustments to the kreg unit, and change the direction I was drilling the pocket holes to avoid spiting the teak.

Cabinets instead of shelves.

I’ve been progressing on the cabinets. I’ve gone from the patterns made of OSB, to the 1/2″ MDO plywood cut and fitted. I’ve added the bottom trim piece, and I’ve cut 3 of the 4 cabinet door frames.