Bow lights

When I bought the boat, the bow lights kind of worked. By kind of the Port light worked, and if you pulled out the bulb, and had it sit in the anchor locker, it would kind of light up both lenses, for port and starboard. So they didn’t work for travel after dusk. I bought a LED bow pulpit light a while back from Marine Beam. I finally got around to putting it on. It is functional, in that it works. It requires further installation, such as drilling out the pulpit, and running the wire on the inside. I can go out after dusk now.


Macerator/Head work

Upon the arrival at the new slip down in San Diego, it was discovered that there was a leak with the holding or some line going to the holding tank. I cleaned that up, it was gross. Earlier in the month, I traced the leak down to the Jabsco Macerator pump. The old style if you read the reviews on Amazon, had zinc bolts that fall apart in the effluent of human waste. So if you have one of these pumps, with the acorn nuts as opposed to the stainless steel bolts, I’d do some preventive maintenance before you have a leak like I did. After I got the pump replaced, it was time to rebuild the pump for the toilet. That was a straight forward process, used some Vaseline as that seems to be a good marine lube for random stuff. I’ve now seen it used on a sail track to help the sail go up and down easier as well.

New boat toys

I finally bought down the toys I have been storing at my girlfriends place for a couple of days.

Random score of Craigslist was a 200 dollar dodger from a Mark II Catalina 30, so I need to get that mounted. A couple of days later, REI was doing their garage sale thing. While there, I scored two, one year old wilderness 140/145 kayak’s for a crazy good deal. They fit nicely in the slip with the boat, and do not much impede ingress or egress in the slip. While cleaning up the 27 I have as well, I decided to see if the cockpit cushions would fit. They do, so now I have the worn down cushions on this boat.