First Dry dock, with my own boat.

I use to be in the navy. I did 12.5 years in, on board submarines. I was on two different subs, both of which had a dry dock period. Needless to say, this was a much better experience, even if it was much more manual labor then I did while being an ELT on a submarine.

Coming out of the water, and going back in. It was a relative quick trip in the yard. I slept on board.

I learned how to grind out blisters, work with resin and fiberglass, roll on bottom paint. There were long days, I got real dirty with all the work on the bottom.

While here I talked with a couple of other people working on there boats over the weekend. There was another Catalina 30, she just had new bottom and topside paint put on. She cleaned up real nice. The other was a guy working on restoring a H28.


Bought a new to me 1977 Catalina 30.

After spending about a year with my 27ft Catalina, i decided i might want something a little larger to start cruising about in. Part of it was after spending some time on board with my girlfriend before she would go to work, I determined that something with more space below in the cabin would be nice. Enter the new to me 1977 Catalina 30. Recently re powered with a Beta Marine 20, BD722, with about 350 hours on it.