New fabric for the saloon.

Thanks to my girlfriends mom, I got all but the two cushions for the starboard settee covered. I still needed to cut these to size and make sure they fit correctly.

To do these I cut the cushions with an electric bread knife. The foam cuts like butter with one of these. For cutting the back cushions, which already had plywood as a back, I used my jig saw and scissors for when the fabric that was there was being a pain.

Once I had these cut to size, I used a new ply wood backing for the bottom cushions and used the existing plywood on the back cushions, then wrapped the fabric around the foam and stapled it to the plywood, just like wrapping a present. Though I used staples for “tape” and fabric for “paper.”

All in all in worked out well considering that I got batting and the fabric from my mother and just had to ship it to San Diego.


Also arrived in the mail today is the drawer organizer for the silverware in the galley. This works pretty well.


I think I’ll try to add some drawer rails to these to make them pull out straight vs drop down as the are pulled out.

More projects lie ahead.