Day off progress

I had the day off for MLK day. I added a piano hinge to the future electronic panel, so now it can fold down towards you, to access the back of the panels.

I finished off the teak fiddle rails for the galley. counter, I maybe have just enough to do the shelf as well. Yesterday when I came back to the boat, one of the screws that I had put to hold up the galley shelf, had let go. I didn’t pre drill that hole, just kind of screwed it into place, which is not how your suppose to put screws into fiberglass. So I added some little stainless steel angle braces to hold the shelf up which I have connected to the front face of the cabinets.

I also added a hinged step/foot rest for the head. The composting head from the top of the seat to the floor was about 25″ which was awkward and uncomfortable. To fix that I’ve built a foot rest, that is hinged so it can be out of the way if you want to stand to pee, or if you want to sit, then you lower the shelf. I’ve included a video, as I did not take any pictures of the foot rest. Video here

I also had to refill the water tank today. So I’ll keep a count of how long it takes to to have to re fill, as there isn’t much capacity right now with only the starboard tank, which is about 17 gallons.