Catching up on some past due post.

It has been a couple of weeks sense the last post. Since them, I’ve been to some intersting places in Chula Vista/National City looking for something that would be somewhat better then MDF wainscoting from big box store, or pvc wainscoting. I discovered JW Lumber, which is a outdoor wood supply place. I bought some 5/8″ redwood strips, had the cut down the middle there, and then attached them to the bulkhead to cover up the removal of the teak veneer.  I’m planing on paint the whole saloon white. Though some have said that they like the look of the interesting wood pattern the redwood makes.

It has been a pretty easy process, use the protractor thing I’ve got to measure the angle, use miter saw to cut angle, and then make sure the length fits. I’ve not been the best at making sure the planks fit at the bottom, as well, you will only see if without the cushions there.

I’ve skipped the part where i do the chain plates, as I’m still planing on doing the external chain plates. I’m still deciding on what material to use, there are just so many options. Do I use stainless, which grade, do I want it electro polished, ect. Bronze is always good, easy to machine, costly. Titanium grade 2/5 which comes out close to SS 316L after you polish it, but there is none of the cons of Stainless. Then there is galvanized steel, which is way less then all of the above, but it is not shiny. Which from what I can tell means that it is not good. Con it will rust at some point. Same thing with turnbuckles. They are not shiny and may rust, so spend more money for shiny!

But I’m getting close to paint the boat. As random as it sounds, Rattle cans for rusteolum will by my paint of choice. I’ll need to find some teak trim pieces or learn how to make L shaped trim pieces to cover up my amateur wood working skills. Also it will make the saloon/cabin look nice with white and teak trim.

I’ve also made a little progress with the sink. Still not sure what I’m going to do with this, but for now, the MDO will be the countertop.