March update

In march, I’ve been settling in more. I’ve got propane hooked up now, built a platform for the V-berth, learned how to make soft shackles, and worked some more on the drawers for the galley. I also got a 2 stroke outboard working again.

I inflated a 1987 Avon Rover 3.10 I have to work on and test the 2 stoke Nissan 8hp (NS8B ) that I picked up from my girlfriends dad. I took apart the carb, super clean, and couldn’t get it to run other then if I started it at WOT, and after many tries. Once running it would only keeping working at WOT, and then die if i tried to lower to idle. Turns out that there was a air leak in the fuel line, since the fuel pump is a vacuum operated, this killed the motor. Some new fuel line later and I’ve got a nicely working outboard. The floor slates in Avon, leave some to be desired, as the transom the dinghy, is a little floppy as the floor boards are not fit in correctly. During my bay test, I could get the dinghy to plane at 15.1knts. I’m also working on cleaning the carb for a 6hp Nissan(NSF6A2) I’ve got. This one will take some more work as there appears to oil from the motor leaking out the prop shaft. Further investigation is required. I’ve setup a 2×3 across the cockpit as the work station for the outboards. Seems to work, provided you can keep the outboard from swinging around as they are in fact top heavy.

While back, I built a holder for two 6lb propane tanks. I’ve only one tank at the moment, but it has proven to work quite well hanging off the stern rail. I ran the line through a new hold in the transom and to the galley.  I still need to add a sniffer and remote solenoid. For now I shut off the tank when not in use.


In the V-berth, there was some sagging or a bad construction or something going on with the “flat” surface that is the V-berth. It kind of slept like a hammock, where near my hips it would sink down and unless you were in the middle, you would be pretend sleeping like you were on a slight heel of a couple degrees. I used some 2×3 and a plywood to create a platform to support the mattress and it not have a slope or a dip. It is flat now, but I’ve lost about 2″ of height in the V-berth. The step into the V-berth is now a must.


I also added some drawers to the galley drawer thing. I’d not hire myself to build someone else drawers if they wanted nice straight and good looking drawers. They work for the intended purpose though, so I consider it a win. I still need to add some kind of face to the drawers and a paint them. To fit this, I moved the ladder over a couple of inches, so it is not longer centered. There is minimum clearance between the ladder and the drawer when slide out.


I’ve started to monitor how many days it takes me to use up water from the 17 gallon water tank. It looks to be about 10 days, but this has only been two fill ups since I started to monitor this. So on average it looks like 1.7 gallons a day, but time will tell how much I am using. I thing my major downfall is in washing the dishes, I use alot there.

Lack of refrigeration is proving to not be as horrible as one would think. Cooking for one with no left overs is the hardest, followed by lack of fresh meat. Canned meat has become the new staple. Veggies, are doing well in the dry storage box, it keeps stuff quite cool in there. I’ve added eggs and spam for breakfast on the weekends. I gave some blocked cheddar a go, I failed at that one, but after doing some research, it would appear that keeping it in olive oil, or wiping with vinegar and wrapping in cheese cloth would be better then putting in a zip lock bag. Though that did work for about a week.  I did find some powdered milk to use for cooking, and I’ve since learned about the single serving UHT milks, that if I can find for cheaper then 10 dollars for a 6 pack, I might get some.

Composting head is still working. I’m finding that the urine is the major source of smell if anything. I’ll have to look into that to figure out how to combat that, but overall this has proven to be less smelly then the old head and holding tank combination.

During this month, I learned out to make soft shackles from the rigging guys at the local west marine.


Day off progress

I had the day off for MLK day. I added a piano hinge to the future electronic panel, so now it can fold down towards you, to access the back of the panels.

I finished off the teak fiddle rails for the galley. counter, I maybe have just enough to do the shelf as well. Yesterday when I came back to the boat, one of the screws that I had put to hold up the galley shelf, had let go. I didn’t pre drill that hole, just kind of screwed it into place, which is not how your suppose to put screws into fiberglass. So I added some little stainless steel angle braces to hold the shelf up which I have connected to the front face of the cabinets.

I also added a hinged step/foot rest for the head. The composting head from the top of the seat to the floor was about 25″ which was awkward and uncomfortable. To fix that I’ve built a foot rest, that is hinged so it can be out of the way if you want to stand to pee, or if you want to sit, then you lower the shelf. I’ve included a video, as I did not take any pictures of the foot rest. Video here

I also had to refill the water tank today. So I’ll keep a count of how long it takes to to have to re fill, as there isn’t much capacity right now with only the starboard tank, which is about 17 gallons.

Thinking with the head.

When the boat was built back in 1976, discharge laws were a bit different then they are now. So the prior owner, installed a tank in the V-berth. It was about 10 gallons, mostly to meet the requirements of the law. It would not last very long for a holding tank, without frequent pump outs.

So it is out of here, but not before some measurements were taken.

Most of this idea has been due to the excellent write that can be found Dry head on Raindog.

Next up was remove the old head and tank.

Then on to mock ups.

The blue head part is a Ecovita Privy Kit, it will divert the pee. It is the magic behind all of this.

Now on the the building of it out of the mock up pieces.

I’ll need to come up with something to fill in the old access for the below the sink area, I’ll add a new storage bin behind the head with a little drop down door. I’m going to remove the sink in the head, as well the other one is about 7-8 feet from this one and it is a bit silly to me to have the pluming and the sink in the head. KISS method at hand here.

It also needs some paint, and some trim to be all finished. But here soon i should have it installed and give it a go.