About Us and the boat

This is a blog about a couple and the Catalina 30 #377. She (the boat) was built-in 1977, I do not know much of the history. The previous owner had her for the last 11 years. She has seen better days, but will be a good platform upon which to teach the random skills that I am interested in learning how to do.

My backstory starts with me serving in the Navy for 12.5 years, while there, I enjoyed the travel and being overseas. In May of 2014, I took a sailing class that was offered by MWR. It was looking like a bust on me enjoying sailing, as the first day out in the water on the capri 16.5, the random partner I had with me didn’t much like it when the boat heeled, or did anything really in the water. I  also was thinking to much of the way in which the instructor had said this is how you tack, and gave a count down, and I was following that to strictly. Which caused me to not be able to get the whole tack thing down, and coupled with the other guy that didn’t like being out on the water, I was pretty much ready to just not come back the next day. The instructor saw that i was not having any fun doing this, kicked the other guy out the sailboat, and said you are on your own. Just like that is all made sense for some reason, and I was hooked.

My first boat was a 1977 Catalina 27, that I found on Craigslist. I was a lot of fun. Ended up being cheaper than renting boats for the day, and well a boat of that age doesn’t really appreciate or depreciate much in the cost. I sold the boat in September 2015.

I am now out of the Navy working for the Navy but as a civilian I am working on following my dream of heading south and going cruising around in Baja Mexico or further south. My loose plan is get the boat fixed up over the next year or two, possibly college on the GI bill, or keep the job to build a decent kitty and head out with the Baja ha-ha 2017 or 2018 at the latest. I think the date is more depended on the girlfriend then me (love you babe).

The girlfriend is not new to boating but is new to owning one of her own. She grew up in San Diego with a family SeaRay traveling to Lake Powell and Lake Shasta for week long waterskiing and wakeboarding trips. Her family also spent time in local lakes, Mission Bay and San Diego Bay for daily family boating trips. While working for San Diego Zoo Global, her work brought her to Coronado for early morning bird surveys where it was perfect to stay on the 27ft Catalina in Coronado and have a 2 minute walk to work on the other side of the marina’s parking lot. On this boat we realized that a port-o-john and a tiny galley, where he was unable to stand up while cooking, was not going to work for us in the long term and we needed a bigger boat. Currently she works in conservation for a non-profit out on Catalina Island just west of the southern California coastline. Her loose plan is to pay off student loans before heading south on Marci’s Casino.


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