On Sunday, heading to Orange county to drop my girlfriend off to head back to Catalina, we went to Minney’s. I was looking for some turnbuckles, to see what the prices where for some used ones. I found some, they are all much cheaper. Trying to find some that were close to matching and were 1/2″ turnbuckles, turned out to be much harder. The need for the 1/2″ which is way larger then the standard ones used on a Catalina 30, is to allow for a thimble to go in the jaw for use with the synthetic rigging that I’m planning on going with.

I did kind of succeed though, I found 7 half 1/2″ turnbuckles (that kind of hard to say). I got the bodies, the left hand threaded T-bolts, the toggles, 3 1/2 clevis pins, and two 1/2″ other toggles (for fixed jaw type). They were in the $3 dollar per pound junk pile.

The are best I can tell Merriman turnbuckle, based on the logo on the toggles. The are or were chromed bronze bodies, with Stainless steel bits.

Three were gunked up with some corrosion, so I hit them up with some PB blaster, and then got them opened after letting them sit over night. I’ve cleaned up the threads with a wire wheel, and made the shiny bits a bit more shiny.



Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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