It is still hot outside.

I was planning on cutting the actual plywood for the cabinets today. I did not bring all the tools i needed to get it done at the remote location. I’ve got the base pieces cut out though, which will allow me to work at the boat, when it is not a sweltering pit of heat down in Chula Vista. It was hot all over it seemed, till I went to visit the Patrica Belle. They had a nice constant breeze blowing over the boat.

I rigged up the sun shade, It works till about 2pm, then the shade vs the angle of the sun, does not provide much relief. I’ll have to work up something else. I forgot to take a picture of it. It does appear I’ll need to add two more grommets, to each side to make it a better fit. I’ll also need better Velcro, or a zipper or something more permanent then the little bit of Velcro I’ve got on it now. It did work though, till about 2pm.

While down there, I also did some work under the shade of changing out the hinges, and adding hasps to the lazarette lids to keep the shut. It turns out #10 nuts will fit quite well on a #8 bolt, till you want it to be tight. So I’ve some rework ahead to correct that. I think only 8 bolts need to be redone.

I also added some Sikaflex 295 to the hatch for the exhaust hose access. I bolted that in place and found out that when in place, the hatch to close it, it interfering with the hose clamp. So I’ll see if i can position it so that they do not interfere with each other.



Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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