It was hot today, sewing instead.

I picked up the next batch of wood from Frost lumber today. 2 more sheets of 1/2″ MDO, and then found some teak boards that I’m thinking will work for what I want as far as trim.

I got down to the boat, the car thermometer was reading 88F, which is outside my San Diego approved range of 68F, I was sweating like crazy. Since working on the exhaust, another guy suggested that I put the boat stern in and work from the dock. That worked great, the only downside, is now the cockpit and the saloon are bombarded by the afternoon sun. There is no shade, and the later in the day, the more and more of the saloon is coated in the hot sun.

I took a trip down to home depot, for some AC and a canvas tarp. I’d read that these work pretty well as an boom tent, awning, sun shade thing. So I figured I’d try it. I bought a 10oz canvas one, 9×12 ft. It covers most the the area between the boom and the back stay. I ran a ridge line between the to and draped the canvas over the ridge line. The topping life is in the way, I found some rusty scissors and start cutting a slit. Toss it over the ridge line again, and now i can get all the way back to the back stay. There were no grommets in any of the corners, I had some frayed edges, and only duct tape to work with. I gave up. The trial version did make shade in the cock pit though. I pack up my stuff and head home.

At home, I did some reading and some watching of Sail rite videos. I t

hen set out on the sewing machine. I sewed double seams on the slit i cut earlier, and a bar stop at the top of the slit. Then made a flap out of some grey duck cloth I have, added some Velcro to it to make a cover for slit, and a button at the end.  I still cannot sew a straight line. But the sewing machine did a admirable job of going through many layers of 10oz cloth. I re enforced the 4 corners of the canvas, with the duck cloth, and then installed some grommet I had. The 1/2″ hole cutter for the grommets sucks, I tried home depot to see if they have a better one. The only one they had came in a kit, that is marginally better then the harbor freight kit I got from my friend.  The harbor freight grommet hole cutter, wouldn’t cut anything. The home depot kit, will sort of cut the cloth. I ended up using scissors. That was the biggest pain of the project. Tomorrow I’ll rig it up and see how it works.



Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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