Finished up the stbd side cabinet

With the half sheet of OSB I picked up last night. The pattern came out today with out me messing up. I broke the wheel on the routing bit I was using to trace the pieces, so I had to go back to the jig saw to get all the shape. I used many trail and error cuts, erring on the side of to large, then I’d try to trace a line to get the pieces to line up well. I did the same thing with the knee. The end product works out pretty well. I attempted to reuse the shelf that was there to split the cabinet into upper and lower parts. If I stick with this, I’ll have to make a new shelf as it does not meet up on the inside well.


I also pulled up all the carpet that was cover the sole of the boat. I spilled a quart of  varnish by the nav table the other day, and I wanted the carpet gone anyways. While I was at home depot I saw some Allure Plank, Teak vinyl laminate flooring. I’ve seem some pictures and read that some people have used this on there boat with good success.

I’ve been pondering the thought of moving the ladder more towards the stbd side of the boat, this would open up an area about 8″x20″ that you could put a couple of drawers.

Space for drawers, since I lack the 2/3 where the fuel tank is.

Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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