Enlisted some help today

I had some help today, so i was able to route the new 2″ exhaust hose, and get the stove/oven down to the boat. I bought 20′ of 2″ exhaust house a month or so back, when I started working on the galley. I needed to re route the hose that was already there. In doing so, I did some reading and learned that the beta marine 20, i suppose to have 2″ hose. It is 2″ to the muffler, then there was a reducer at the outlet, that went from 2″ to 1.5″. It also feed up thru the area that is now the dry stores, and what then routed behind the back of the stove. When trying to route it today, we learned that the 2″ hose will not fit at the narrow point. So I went below the the ice box, and then to the muffler. It was rather easy for that part. The loop, or rise was a pain as my help had left to go on with his day. I drilled a new 3″ hole in the aft part of the lazarette to route it towards the exhaust thru hole. I’ll need another day of help to get that install. There is not much more then 4″ of clearance to add a backing plate, so I’ve got a little ring of 4 3/8″ with a 2.5″ hole drilled out to fit the new exhaust thru hole. I’ll epoxy that to the hull, and then add some sealant to it. In routing the exhuast under the icebox and stove area, there is a low spot, which is not the ideal situation. I’m open to ideas if anyone has some. I’ll also need to get the T-bolt style hose clamps for the exhaust hose.

I also got the stove down to the boat. The mounts install, and a pretty decent test fit. Since I cannot get to the back of the fiberglass on the aft side of the stove, I drilled and tapped some 1/4″ machine bolt threads. The seem to do a pretty well job of holding the screws. The fwd side, is a bit short, so i had to add 3 washers to push out the mount enough to allow the mounts to hold the knobs on the stove. I went to West Marine, to get some 3/4″ 1/4 bolts, and they fit, that is when I learned that I’ll need the washer, which then means that the 3/4″ bolts are no good. The price for them was .59 each. Later in the day, on my way home, I stopped at home depot. The price there for 1.5″ 1/4 bolts, is .98 cents per 2, turns out all the little baggies are .98 cents, regardless of what material it is. So it looks like I’ll be going to home depot now for bolts and screws. They have a pretty solid selection of sizes, for a much better price then the ol’ West Marine.

I also picked up a 1/2 sheet of OSB to re do my pattern for the the cabinet face on the stbd side. So that will be tomorrows work.


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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