Progress on the port cabinets and saloon seating

I’ve gotten some more progress towards the port side storage. It is starting to look like what I’ve envisioned.

The lip that is on the under side, the V-shaped thing has caused some problems with how I originally thought it would be. I knew there would be a problem, but it was hard to visualize without it being all the way there.  Though with some help from the Yahoo Groups, I may have found a solution. Just cut it short, and make it meet with the lip.

I’ve gotten the cutout for the doors cut as well, they will be about 12×16″ openings, i’ll have a shelf on the inside to divide up the space into two halves.

Here are the pics.

I’ve also been working on converting the big table open saloon (L saloon), to the dinette version with the  smaller square table in the middle, and another bench in the saloon. I do not remember the size of this, but it like 18x32x19″ (LxWxH).

Based upon the size i made it, I should be able to fit a 4 6v battery box in there, and make this the battery storage area. Which will be nice, as that amount of weight will be low and in the center. Downside to not putting it under the nav table, will be that I’ll have a long cable run of large cable.

Also made a wood version for the step to the v-berth.


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

One thought on “Progress on the port cabinets and saloon seating”

  1. You probably already thought of this, but I thought I would suggest it just in case. Install whatever you are going to use for shelves / cubby lining (I think I previously suggested plastic tubs or containers laid vertically on their sides) before you install the big board with the holes. You also might consider making the big board easily removable just in case something important falls down in there.


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