Sewing projects

A couple of months back, at the swap meet, I found a Pfaff 332 Automatic. It has been mostly sitting.

Couple weeks back, I used my kayak’s for the first time. They have been sitting in the sun, next to the boat. The seats I could tell are starting to see the damage of the UV. I did some research on the Internet about kayak cockpit covers. It seemed almost to easy, and would make for a good project to make use of the sewing machine.

The hardest part, and took me two tries, before i got a good one, was the curve you have to sew around this. Use pins to hold the channel together. That one key part makes the rest of this as easy as it seems.

When doing all this research on using ripstop nylon, a common other project is to make a lightweight gathered end hammock, and stuff sack. Since that seemed easy, just a double folded seam on tall the edges, and a channel at the top and bottom. I gave that a shot, and using left over material made a stuff sack, which can hold the hammock, or a bottle of wine.


Also during this time, I learned how to make a continuous loop with dyneema, for the hammock. The local west marine has been holding some rigging classes on Thursday nights once a month. I’ve learned how to do a Brummel splice, and to splice 3 strand. So that helped when learning the continuous loop.

Think that is about it for random other things


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

4 thoughts on “Sewing projects”

  1. Very impressed that you made the hammock! Love the bright red color. Did not receive a consult request this time either!!


  2. Love the way you finished the ends of the channel on the second cockpit cover. I learned something from you about sewing!!


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