Step for the V-berth prototype.

In a spree of working on cleaning and organizing down on the boat. I reinstall the bulkheads and the trim pieces around the head. I put in the shelf in the head, rehung the door (seems a tighter fit then before) and then installed the new storage area face for under the v-berth insert.

Then I tried to build a step for the V-berth, this took me some trial and error. I’ve got a mostly working thing that I should be able to transfer over to some wood and make the actually thing. But this is it for now.

In the head, there is no plan for a sink. It is awkward to stand over the head since it is much larger then a marine head. Also the main sink in the galley, is less then 10 feet away, a few steps at best. I’m going to come up with some kind of system to make most of the area above the counter area into drawer, and storage.


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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