Beta Marine 20, aka BD722 maintenance

The last time I was out motoring of a long distance, the inboard would start to overheat slowly if left in gear around 2800-3000RPM. Temps would lower if the load was taken off so either the intake is clogged, or the impeller is damaged, I suppose it could be a combination of the two.

Removing the 3 10mm screws that hold on the cover revealed what I think to be the problem. The impeller is missing one of the vanes.

Lots of googling later, I’ve decided that the replacement impeller kit is from Jabsco 18653-001-P, which does not match what is imprinted on the impeller that is there. It also seems that Beta Marine, has a strong presence in the UK, as most sites seem to be from there that had parts.

There is a distributor on the west coast, Beta Marine West that sells parts. I forgot to add the pump to the order and ended up calling them, which was a good thing as it saved me a decent bit of money, and more in the future when reordering the kit.

It turns out that the Jabsco and the Johnson pump kits are interchangeable.  The Jabsco has 10 vanes, while the Johnson has 6 vanes. The vanes control pressure and flow. So more vanes means higher pressure, and less vanes means more flow. The tech guy I spoke to on the phone, typically recommends the Johnson as it is a bit cheaper and works fine in the BD722. So score one for savings.

Zinc anodes are expensive for what little you get out of them. So I’m gonna look into finding a way to get some of those via 20MM rod stock to fit the screw plugs as now I’ll have two when the parts arrive.

Other interchangeable parts that I found on the internet are as follows:

Oil Filter Fram PH5343 or Crossland 2142
Air Filter Fram CA15 or Fleetguard AF1657
Fuel Filter Fram P4766 or Crossland 5004

When time to change those, I’ll look into seeing if those are actually correct.



Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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