First overnight anchoring trip

Since the discovery of the failed fitting of the dinghy on the deck of the boat, the girlfriend and I decided to do something a little shorter and closer to home, since we had provisioned for the most part for a trip to Catalina. Mission Bay, has a night 72hour anchorage before the bridges into Mission Bay proper. Mariner’s cove, is a nice sandy body well protected area. The girlfriend worked and missed the trip up, it was pretty uneventful. I got the boat ready and headed out.

10/1/15 at 11:18am is when I started tracking in the navionics app. The recorded data is 25.1NM, average spead of 4.2Kts, while pulling the dinghy, most of this was spend motorsailing out of san Diego bay. I also think the app got confused at some point, as i do not recall a trip in a car anywhere that day, but the Max speed it list is 50.3Kts, so the average speed may be off…

When I arrived, I set anchor and got the dinghy ready to pick the girlfriend up on the beach, and let the dog run around a bit and potty. He is not taking to his fake grass we got him. I also almost lost it on the way out of the Chula Vista Marina.

This was a great little trip, I got to experience cooking on the boat at anchor, cockpit shower with a gallon of water or less, watching other people have a hard time anchoring, got to see armchair pirate, and some other pirate decoy set up on someones mast in mission bay. During one of the dinghy trips I lost the dog over the side of the dinghy, he did good and swam back to the dinghy.

We decided to leave Saturday afternoon, as Sunday it called for rain, and it has been raining today. I had company with my girlfriend on the way back, we tied the dinghy up on a shorter tether on the way back. I’m not sure which one is better. She cooked dinner underway, and we ate out of bowls in the cockpit as the sun was heading out of sight in south bay. I used what I think is the best portable cup holder, a roll of duct tape. We made it home took the inside the kelp bed route, took 20.1NM, average speed 3.4kts, Max speed 7.8Kts. Experienced an overheating engine, so that needs to be looked into. We left at 1400, and arrived 2000.



Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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