A better cooler

Without a refrigeration system on board ice is the name of the game. The built in ice box is lackluster. Minimal insulation on the box, and just wood for the lid. It also drains to the bilge. So it makes a nice place to store drinks before heading to the ice chest. I can fit, 2 2.5 gallon water jugs, two twelve packs, and various other drinks, and drink related items in it.

My girlfriends mom gifted to us the old cooler they used in the past that she still had in the garage. It is a Igloo marine 72. I think the 72 stands for 72 quarts. After today, it is not a 72 quart cooler, but closer to 40 quarts. But it has a new 1″ layer of pink board on all the sides and the lid, along with some great stuff to fill in the gaps a bit more.

All in all, it was a pretty easy project. I used three, well 2.5 2x2ft pink boards, and one can of great stuff. Hopefully it will hold ice much longer. I have been making some box ice, and hopefully with be testing it out this week on a trip to Mission Bay. Since Buccaneer days trip fell apart at the last minute due to me not wanting to tow the dinghy for that long of a trip.


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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