If you want to call it a dinghy.

When I purchased the boat, it came with lot of random extra stuff. Included was lots of random tools, a box of drill bits, bousuns chair that I needed at one point but did not know that I had one.

Yesterday my girlfriend and I was working on some last minute preparations for getting the boat ready for a trip to Catalina for Buccaneer days. The biggest things we had left was outboard storage, and the storage of the dinghy.

The dinghy that came with the boat is a 2000 Achilles SE-121. 12’2″ Hypalon boat. It is super stable, with the 8hp Tohatsu outboard will get the boat moving around 14 knots in the water with me in while on a plane. Weights in about 140lbs, able to be hoisted onto the sailboat with the main halyard.

The problem with all this is that the boat is just a tad bit to long to fit on the boat of the boat. Seems like a 10ft would be about the max that fits up there. The outboard, weighs about 90lbs, while able to man handled on board in calm waters in the marina, I do not think would be so easy while tied up to a mooring or at anchor.

Towing the dinghy from what I’ve read will cost the boat about a knot, which when I figure the boat avg speed to be about 4.5 knots, doesn’t sound to appealing in towing the dinghy behind me.  I should have tried to grab some pictures of this process, but it didnt seem like a good idea at the time. Oh well.

So with all that said, we (the girlfriend and I) decided to can the trip and do a shorter one to Mission bay this week instead. There is always next year.


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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