Trip to San Diego

When I bought the boat, it lived up in San Pedro, CA. I live in San Diego. After the yard period, it was time for a sail. The girlfriend and I set out on the first overnightish sail, was not going to be doing any travel after dusk, as my running lights were iffy at best. So to make the trip, we broke it up in to a 3 day trip.

Day 1, San Pedro to Avalon.

It was a good trip. On the way over, there was not much wind when we left. Half way there the wind picked up, and we finished the trip on sail, till we were just off shore and ready to head in to Avalon.  The roller furling was acting werid, it kept getting hung up and and was hard to unroll or to roll back up. That would need to be invesigated. My thoughts was that it was the halyard wrapping, as that is something i had read about, but never had a change to expericen, untill now.  Avalon was fun, we learned that the casino on the island is now what one would think, but that story is another post. On this part of the island there are tons of golf carts, and not many cars. Taco Tuesday was busy and alright. We will have to come back and spend more time here.

Day 2, Avalon to Oceanside.

So I woke up at the crack of dawn for some reason, the girlfriend being asleep, I went and sat in the cockpit, and was being quite. They have a little boat that has donuts and coffee that makes stops at people moorings. While waiting, i started thinking about the halyard wrapping. So I pull the jib out, and sure enough, it seems like it is wrapping, but how to check for sure. I know, I’ll pull the sail down, and pull up the top piece to see if it wraps with out the sail being in the way. Well, what goes up must come down due to gravity, but at an angle, and with some friction, well not all pieces want to come back down by themselves. Needless to say, i woke the girlfriend up by making a lot of noise on deck, and lost the use of the jib, which is the sail that does like 75%+ of the work of moving this boat. Time for a 10 hour motor to Oceanside.  As we are entering the Oceanside area, we come across a group of pilot whales and dolphins feeding. It was quite a sight to be seen. It was the first time I’ve had dolphins swimming at the bow of the boat.  That night, my girlfriends dad lets me borrow the bosuns chair he has to go up the mast to get the top part of the furling unit back down. I thought I would take some pictures up there. I’m not normally one that is scared of heights, but I was not a fan of going up the mast.  So for day 3 of the trip, we now have both sails again.

Day 3, Oceanside to San Diego.

This was the best sailing day we had, mostly a beam reach the whole way home. As we were turning to come in the bay, off in the distance we can see one of the air craft carriers heading in as well. They move a lot faster then sailboats do. We were kindly asked to get out of the channel, by the nice escort boat, with a .50 cal on it.


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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