Marci Casino, a 1977 Catalina 30 Hull #377

So I use to own a Catalina 27, but decided it was a little small. I found this here Catalina 30, up in San Pedro, CA but I live down in San Diego. Not a problem right, just a little trip down the coast and it will be home. Along the way, my girlfriend and I stopped in Oceanside, CA but the harbor police were not around to take payment.  In the morning, being the good people we are, we stopped to inform them that we stayed the night at the Jolly Rodger dock, pro tip(it would seem you can stay for free if you show up late and leave early), and they asked for boat name, being that the P.O had not informed me of the boats name, my girlfriend pipes up and names the boat Marci Casio. Marci being the little cute koala bear I bought  while in Australia and took with me around on my travels there. When we were at Avalon the night before we went to the “Casino” only to find it was a movie theater, and that in Italian, Casino means gathering place. So I suppose the boat has been named, eventually we will have to have a renaming at some point.


Author: japtenks

Captain of a 30ft Catalina.

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